English Horseback Riding Camp

Forrestel is a girls summer camp near Niagara Falls, New York

If you love horseback riding, you won’t find a better summer camp than Forrestel.

This summer you will become a better rider because we tailor the instruction to your abilities. You’ll have wonderful fun in the stable and have the opportunity to participate in various horse events too.

Forrestel is special because of our small size. With an average 3:1 camper to staff ratio, children don’t get lost in the crowd! Whether a girl is riding a horse, paddling a canoe, or playing tennis, there’s always a caring member of our staff close at hand.

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Recent News

There's always something going on at Forrestel


Veterans day midweek overnight stay.

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New Friends

Today Hunter was turned out with our foals, Millie and Maple for the first time. They met over the fence the last few days and today it was time for them to all graze together. ......more »


Up coming dates and events!

Greetings from all your two and four legged friends at Forrestel! Kids you have no idea how much Bernie and Harvey miss you. Thank goodness they have each other! We are looking......more »