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Our Summer Is Complete!
Sunday, August 12th 2018

This morning at Forrestel Farm is bittersweet to say the least. On Friday afternoon, we waved goodbye to our last group of campers, including some who spent the majority of their summers with us here in Upstate New York! The last session was truly full of fun, laughter and memories made, complete with traditions like a game of Bandit and lots of overnights!

The summer, as a whole, has been a terrific success for Forrestel, campers and counselors alike. Our staff worked tirelessly to provide the most energetic, exciting experiences for our campers and succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations – and it showed! Our campers had wonderful experiences and made so many lifelong memories and friendships, as they got to enjoy a plethora of new activities and, of course, got to ride new horses!

The farm is quiet now, gearing up for the off season of lessons and Riding Weekends! As our staff makes its way home (back to England, New Zealand, Ireland, and all across America), we thank everyone who made the summer such an amazing few months! It was truly a fantastic summer of campers and we cannot wait to do it all again next year. Until then, stay tuned for more information about our Riding Weekend and other news from the farm!

Tuesday, August 7
Wednesday, August 8th 2018

Tuesday of this week was a fabulous day indeed! The morning consisted of breakfast and then another competitive round of Tent Inspection, before the day’s first activity session commenced. Once the bell rang, our first group of riders headed to the barn for their morning lessons. The girls enjoyed learning a wide array of riding fundamentals, from equitation technique to the ins and outs of course work!

After the first activity session came lunch, followed by rest hour and pond. Once the girls arrived back to camp, the second activity session began and our second group of girls made their way to the barn for their afternoon lessons. One group even got to jump the miniature horses around on the cross country course! Outside of the barn, the sports staff lead an afternoon full of fun in the arts and crafts room and in the woodshop, and another beautiful and successful canoe trip!

Session 5!
Session 5!
Session 5!

After the day’s second activity session, the girls gathered in the eating house for dinner before rolling straight into the third activity session of the day. More girls headed to the barn for their second lessons, while others joined sports for more group games! The evening was cool and provided the perfect environment for lots of fun outside and with the horses.

All in all, the day was lots of fun and everyone went to bed with smiles on their faces, ready for another day here on Forrestel Farm. Stay tuned for more stories!

Monday, August 6
Tuesday, August 7th 2018

The first day of our last week of camp was a great one! In the morning, the girls made their way up to the eating house for breakfast before heading back to the tents for the week’s first round of Tent Inspection. Then came the first activity session of the day! Our first group of riders headed to the barn to ride at 9:30, while the other half of our campers spread out across the farm, enjoying activities like archery, arts and crafts, woodworking and tennis.

After the first activity session, we all gathered in the eating house again for some lunch before going back to the campsite for rest hour. Following rest hour was an afternoon at the pond, which was more than welcome in the day’s heat! Upon returning to the farm, the second activity session of the day commenced and our campers once again split up between the barn and the sports staff. In the barn, the afternoon was full of learning and progress made by our riders! Outside of the barn, the sports staff headed up some fun group games and team sports.

After the second activity session of the day, we convened once again in the eating house for dinner served by our dinner chef, Grant. Except this time, dinner went a little differently: towards the end of the meal, counselors decked out in Bandit costume stole some of our CIT’s and dropped them at the pond! After being dismissed from dinner, our campers split into teams for a group game of Bandit. Our teams raced their way from the campsite to the pond to rescue their CIT and compete for the fastest time! The evening was gorgeous and warm and made for a great night of competition and adventure!

Bandit Team Blue!
Bandit Team Green!
Bandit Team Black!

When we arrived back at camp, the girls enjoyed their showers and snack before heading to bed. All in all, Monday was a wonderful start to our very last week at camp! Stay tuned for more stories!

Saturday, August 4 and Sunday, August 5
Monday, August 6th 2018

We had quite a weekend here at Forrestel! On Saturday morning, the girls made their way to the eating house for breakfast where the day’s activity was announced: Pony Games! Our campers were split into their teams by color, and after breakfast, were sent back down to the campsite to deck themselves out in team spirit. Pony Games were a blast, with campers and counselors alike showing a record level of enthusiasm and some of the most fun, sweet horses we could ever ask for. It was truly an exciting morning!

After Pony Games came lunch, followed by the afternoon spent at an extended pond session. Our campers spent the afternoon lounging by the water and splashing around with their friends and counselors – it was a great way to beat the heat! In the evening, after dinner, we rounded up the tents for our summer’s third and final edition of Lip Sync! Our DJ, JD, brought out all the stops to put on a fantastic Lip Sync competition and dance party to follow. It was the most fun, rewarding end to an already fantastic day.

On Sunday morning, as is custom here on Forrestel Farm, campers and counselors got to sleep in as a start to one of our more relaxing days of the summer. After breakfast, the campers got to enjoy an extended rest hour to catch up on sleep and re-energize for the week! Then came lunch, and then came Olympics! Once again, the girls split into colored teams to compete for the Forrestel Olympics Championship – and the competition was fierce! This week, our Olympic Games were Marine-themed, so everyone got the chance to take a dip in the pond as part of the competition. After a few hours of relay races and cheer competitions, we headed back to the farm for dinner and movie night before the girls headed to bed.

All in all, the weekend was a total blast and has us truly thrilled for this last week of camp. Stay tuned for more stories!

Riding Weekends!
Saturday, August 4th 2018

We have just published our Riding weekend dates for 2018/2019. Be sure to check them out and contact us to reserve your spot!


Our riding weekends fill up fast, so don’t miss out! Contact the office at 585-798-2222 or email us at for an application form.

October 5-8th 2018 Columbus Day Girls Riding Weekend
Arrival 4pm. Departure 2pm. $435

November 9-12th 2018 Veterans Day Girls Riding Weekend
Arrival 4pm. Departure 2pm. $435

January 18-21st 2019 Martin Luther King Weekend
Arrival 4pm. Departure 2pm. $435

February 15-18th 2019 President’s Day Girls Riding Weekend
Arrival 4pm. Departure 2pm. $435

February 21-24th 2019 2nd President’s Day Girls Riding Weekend
Arrival 4pm. Departure 2pm. $435

April 25-28th 2019 Spring Break Girls Riding Weekend
Arrival 4pm. Departure 2pm. $435

May 24-27th 2019 Memorial Day Girls Riding Weekend
Arrival 4pm. Departure 2pm. $435

Hope you can join us!


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