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Deep In Our Hearts Forever.....
Tuesday, August 15th 2017

Deep In Our Hearts Forever…….

You may think my dear, when you grow quite old. You have left camp days behind. But, I know the scent of wood smoke will always come to mind. Little paths at twilight and trails you used to find.


You may think some day you are quite grown up and feel so worldly wise. But suddenly from out of the past, a vision will arise. Of merry folk with brown bare knees and laughter in their eyes.


You may have a little house built to your taste in the nicest part of town. But someday for your old camp swim suit you’d change your latest gown and trade it for a balsam bed where stars all night look down.


You may find yourself grown and wealthy; have all that gold could buy. But you’d toss aside the fortune for days ’neath an open sky with sunlight on blue waters and white clouds floating high.


For once you have been a camper then something has come to stay deep in your heart forever which nothing can take away. And heaven can only be heaven with a camp in which you play.


red team

kids at table

Mary S. Edgar

See you next summer!

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