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Monday, August 6
Tuesday, August 7th 2018

The first day of our last week of camp was a great one! In the morning, the girls made their way up to the eating house for breakfast before heading back to the tents for the week’s first round of Tent Inspection. Then came the first activity session of the day! Our first group of riders headed to the barn to ride at 9:30, while the other half of our campers spread out across the farm, enjoying activities like archery, arts and crafts, woodworking and tennis.

After the first activity session, we all gathered in the eating house again for some lunch before going back to the campsite for rest hour. Following rest hour was an afternoon at the pond, which was more than welcome in the day’s heat! Upon returning to the farm, the second activity session of the day commenced and our campers once again split up between the barn and the sports staff. In the barn, the afternoon was full of learning and progress made by our riders! Outside of the barn, the sports staff headed up some fun group games and team sports.

After the second activity session of the day, we convened once again in the eating house for dinner served by our dinner chef, Grant. Except this time, dinner went a little differently: towards the end of the meal, counselors decked out in Bandit costume stole some of our CIT’s and dropped them at the pond! After being dismissed from dinner, our campers split into teams for a group game of Bandit. Our teams raced their way from the campsite to the pond to rescue their CIT and compete for the fastest time! The evening was gorgeous and warm and made for a great night of competition and adventure!

Bandit Team Blue!
Bandit Team Green!
Bandit Team Black!

When we arrived back at camp, the girls enjoyed their showers and snack before heading to bed. All in all, Monday was a wonderful start to our very last week at camp! Stay tuned for more stories!

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