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Monday, July 2
Tuesday, July 3rd 2018

The second Monday of this two-week session was a fun one indeed! The morning saw all of our girls experience their first activity session of the second week, and the new campers we welcomed on Sunday got to take part in their first rides at camp. The morning was one full of fun with horses and lots of learning!

Morning Ride

After the first activity session of the day, we had a great lunch and a relaxing rest hour before moving on to our second activity session of the day. The second half of camp got straight to the barn for the first rides of the day, while the remaining girls got to spend the afternoon with the sports staff. The first hour of the activity session was filled with a riveting game of hide-and-seek: favorite hiding spots included trees, underneath bleachers and even in some of the bushes in front of the farmhouse. After beating the counselors three times in a row, the campers were thrilled to move into the second hour of the afternoon activity session. We split up into separate groups and got to spend the second hour in the woodshop and learning all about the other animals on the farm in our Small Animal Science program!


After our second activity session, the girls moved straight into a delicious dinner cooked by our chef, Grant, and dinner was met with a big surprise: our first game of Gold Rush for the summer! Here on the farm, we play a camp-wide game every two-week session in which the girls are split into teams as they move out to the Main Lane to uncover hidden “gold.” When all of the gold has been picked up from the lane, the haywagon brings the girls back to camp where they get to spend their loot on games! After the games, the “robbers” come to town and the campers get to bid their remaining gold on which counselor to smear with whipped cream!


Gold Rush was a huge hit and the day ended with showers and campfire before a welcome bed time. All in all, the day was a fantastic way to start the second week and we can’t wait for more adventures! Stay tuned for more stories!

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