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Monday, July 30
Tuesday, July 31st 2018

The first day of our last session was a blast! In the morning, the girls gathered in the eating house for their first breakfast of the session before heading back to their tents to gear up for Tent Inspection and the day’s first activity session. After the first round of Tent Inspection, half of our campers headed up to the barn for their first rides. The girls spent their morning in the barn getting to know their horses and trainers through lots of quality time spent both grooming and riding! Lessons were lighthearted and fun, and all of our girls came away thrilled with their new rides. Outside of the barn, the sports team split the remaining campers between the basketball court, woodshop, and arts and crafts! Woodworking was busy with a plethora of projects being brought to life, while the art room was full of happy campers painting rocks and listening to music.

After the first activity session, the girls headed back to the eating house for lunch, followed by rest hour and pond. Next came the afternoon’s second activity session, where our second half of riders came to the barn for their first lessons! Just as the morning, the afternoon session went off without a hitch as campers learned all about their new horses and instructors. Meanwhile, the sports team headed up a giant scavenger hunt for those kids not riding – it was an energetic and fun way for our new campers to get to know the farm even more!

Session 5 Day 1
Session 5 Day 1

The evening saw dinner served by our wonderful Grant, before our third and final activity session of the day. The girls split once more into a riding group and a sports group, and while our riders had their lessons in the waning sun, the sports team held group games all over the camp. It was truly a relaxed and lovely evening!

Session 5 Day 1

All in all, the first day of our last session saw many a happy camper and lots of smiles. Stay tuned for more stories!

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