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Monday, July 9
Tuesday, July 10th 2018

The first day of our third session was a blast! In the morning, our girls gathered in the eating house for a fabulous breakfast before heading back to the tents to tidy up for Tent Inspection. Then, our first group of girls headed to the barn for the first ride of the session! Many happy horse-to-camper unions were formed and the first group of lessons went swimmingly. During this time, the other half of the camp enjoyed a leisurely morning in the arts and crafts room, woodworking shop, and playing some team games like Spike Ball and Prisoner. The morning was beautifully cool and all the girls had a fantastic time getting to know each other!

After the first activity session, lunch was served followed by a relaxing rest hour. Following rest hour, the girls made their way to the pond where they had a ball in the water, cooling off from the heat of the afternoon. Upon arrival back to camp from the pond, our second group of riders came up to the barn for their first rides of the day – once again, there were loads of exciting smiles and laughter as girls grouped together with their friends for their lessons.

The evening kicked off with a wonderful dinner cooked by Grant, followed by the third and final activity session of the day. More fantastic rides ensued and big group games marked the evening as a perfect start to the third session!

All in all, the day was a smash hit and has us so thrilled to have this group of girls here for another two weeks. Stay tuned for more stories!

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