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The horses are enjoying some down time!
Friday, August 31st 2018

After a busy summer of camp, we always like to see the horses get a nice break and some down time to enjoy their green pastures and hang out with their buddies.


After a nice little break, many of our wonderful horses leave Forrestel and head for their winter homes. They say their goodbyes, knowing that come spring they will be reunited again.


The horses that stay here on the farm with us enjoy some lessons and relaxing trail rides with Kat and her students


Wishing you all good thoughts as you all head back to school and remember to come visit us for one of our awesome riding weekends throughout the fall, winter and spring!

October 5-8th
November 9-12th
January 18-21st
February 15-18th & 21-24th
April 25-28th
May 24-27th

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