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Thursday, August 2
Friday, August 3rd 2018

Thursday of this session’s first week was a day for the books! In the morning, our first group of riders headed to the barn after breakfast to spend their cool morning grooming, riding, and of course spoiling their horses! The morning’s lessons were packed full of fun and lots of learning and progress! In the meantime, the sports staff opened up the arts and crafts room, the woodshop and other fun activities which those not riding got to explore.

In the afternoon, we had lunch, rest hour and pond followed by our second activity session of the day. The girls once again split into two groups, one of which headed to the barn to ride while the other stayed on the campsite to play some exciting group games with the sports staff! The girls headed to the tennis court in the first half of the activity session for some friendly back-and-forth on the court, while the second half was filled with some smaller team-oriented games.

Session 5 Day 4
Session 5 Day 4

In the evening after dinner, we rolled straight into our third activity session of the day. The evening was gorgeously clear and cool, and those in and out of the barn alike enjoyed their activities as a stunning sunset crept across the horizon. Those not riding in the evening played a fierce game of kickball out on the soccer field, while those in the barn sent another group of overnighters out with waves and smiles!

Session 5 Day 4
Session 5 Day 4
Session 5 Day 4

All in all, Thursday was a classic camp day which reminded us all of the beauties of the farm. Stay tuned for more stories!

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