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Tuesday, August 7
Wednesday, August 8th 2018

Tuesday of this week was a fabulous day indeed! The morning consisted of breakfast and then another competitive round of Tent Inspection, before the day’s first activity session commenced. Once the bell rang, our first group of riders headed to the barn for their morning lessons. The girls enjoyed learning a wide array of riding fundamentals, from equitation technique to the ins and outs of course work!

After the first activity session came lunch, followed by rest hour and pond. Once the girls arrived back to camp, the second activity session began and our second group of girls made their way to the barn for their afternoon lessons. One group even got to jump the miniature horses around on the cross country course! Outside of the barn, the sports staff lead an afternoon full of fun in the arts and crafts room and in the woodshop, and another beautiful and successful canoe trip!

Session 5!
Session 5!
Session 5!

After the day’s second activity session, the girls gathered in the eating house for dinner before rolling straight into the third activity session of the day. More girls headed to the barn for their second lessons, while others joined sports for more group games! The evening was cool and provided the perfect environment for lots of fun outside and with the horses.

All in all, the day was lots of fun and everyone went to bed with smiles on their faces, ready for another day here on Forrestel Farm. Stay tuned for more stories!

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