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Tuesday, July 10
Wednesday, July 11th 2018

Tuesday on the farm was a truly classic camp day. With beautiful weather and the nicest breeze anyone could ask for, the girls enjoyed the farm to its fullest extent and the horses were happy as clams. In the morning after breakfast, the girls once again competed for the neatest tents in Tent Inspection before heading into their morning activity session. The first group of girls to ride worked on some important flat work to extend into their over fences work later in the day. The girls who didn’t ride in the morning got to choose between a group of fantastic activities including arts and crafts and woodworking, where they got to indulge their creative sides and work on some amazing projects!

Session 3 Day 2
Session 3 Day 2

After lunch came rest hour and pond, and the second activity session of the day. The second half of our campers headed to the barn to ride, and the girls in this group were hard at work to perfect their full courses and more advanced riding techniques. Outside of the barn, those not riding also got the chance to hit the woodshop or the arts and crafts room, and one group even got to hang out with our resident litter of kittens!

Session 3 Day 2

Dinner followed the second activity session and the girls moved straight into the third session of the day. Even more great rides ensued and the girls all came back to the campsite smiling with loads of stories about their favorite horses. All in all, the day was a huge success thanks to some gorgeous weather and a fantastic staff – on to day 3 of Third Session! Stay tuned for more stories!

Session 3 Day 2

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