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Tuesday, June 26
Wednesday, June 27th 2018

Tuesday was quite an eventful day at Forrestel! The first group of campers to ride worked on learning to trot, canter and jump in all of their lessons and one group got to go on a beautiful trail ride! The girls got to experience the forests and trails of the back of Forrestel Farm on horseback while the counselors got their workout trailing alongside the campers on foot.

Session 2 Day 2

A big group game of soccer marked the afternoon activity session and the girls were ready for lunch. Also in the works before lunch was our ever-popular woodshop! The girls have been at some dedicated work on everything from boxes to shoe racks and our new woodshop director, Jim, is doing a great job of teaching everybody the ropes of woodworking!

Session 2 Day 2

Dinner was prepared by our dinner chef, Grant, and the girls thoroughly enjoyed our rendition of Taco Tuesday! After dinner, more trail rides went out in the gorgeous, cool evening while others jumped around full courses in the front and back rings. All in all, our second full day of the second session was a huge hit and although we’re experiencing some rain as this post goes up, something tells me we’re going to have some very happy campers to report tomorrow!

Stay tuned for more stories!

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