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Wednesday, August 1
Thursday, August 2nd 2018

The middle of our week here on Forrestel farm was characterized by lots of fun and sun! In the morning after breakfast, the girls headed back to their tents before the first activity session of the day. When the bell rang at 9:30, our first group of riders made their way to the barn to ride in the first lessons of the day. The barn was full of happy campers and lots of spoiled horses! Meanwhile, our sports staff headed up a morning full of relaxing time spent in the art room and fostering creative processes in the woodshop.

Session 5 Day 3

The afternoon consisted of lunch, rest hour and pond, followed by the second activity session of the day. More lessons went successfully in the barn, while the sports staff gathered the rest of the troops for a group game of kickball! The competition was fierce and friendly and all involved had an absolute blast. We also had the session’s first canoe trip out on the water for the afternoon – campers and counselors alike came back smiling ear to ear with excitement about the trip!

Session 5 Day 3

In the evening, we enjoyed a beautiful dinner served by Grant, before heading into our third and final activity session of the day. The barn was once again full of happy riders and fun-filled lessons, while outside of the barn, those not riding got their choice of a range of activities including archery and 9-Square.

Session 5 day 3

All in all, the day was exciting and the weather was gorgeous – a perfect way to mark the middle of the week here on Forrestel Farm. Stay tuned for more stories!

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