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Wednesday, June 27
Thursday, June 28th 2018

Tuesday was a bit of a unique day for us here on the farm! The girls got to take part in their normal rides for the morning activity session, while others got to go to the arts and crafts room for tie-dye Tuesday! However, after lunch, we got rained out of our normal afternoon lesson and the counselors came up with a brilliant on-the-spot activity: Hobby Horses! The group of girls who were meant to ride in the afternoon got to partner up with the friends and craft their own horses out of pool noodles, socks, and some yarn. Once the horses were crafted and modeled into perfect ponies, the girls got to ride them into the indoor and participate in a series of hobby horses competitions, including presentation and show jumping!

After the afternoon activity session, the girls gathered again for a delicious meal cooked by Grant and then were sent off into their third activity session, where normal lessons resumed and the girls were treated to a nice break in the heat. All in all, the day was a huge hit and the girls went to bed excited about the days ahead, despite the rain.

Stay tuned for more stories!

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