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Last Day of Second Session
Friday, July 12th 2019

Today is our last day of second session and we are very sad to see it come to an end. The last 2 weeks have been fabulous, and our horses have gone above and beyond!


This session has been full of adventures, overcoming obstacles, and making new friends….especially furry ones.


We will miss all of our sweet campers so much and hope to see you all next year!!


Parachute time
Thursday, July 11th 2019

Today our sports staff had a special surprise for our campers. They brought out a 30 ft parachute to play fun games with!

The activity was a big hit; campers loved making “Soup” on the top of it and enjoyed bouncing the foam balls off the parachute.


Another great thing about the parachute was that if all the campers worked together and timed their movements, they could all sit under the cover!


We had such a great time today at camp and are sad to see it coming to a close. We are ready to see what final adventures tomorrow brings!

Cross Country!
Wednesday, July 10th 2019

The Forrestel XC course has been a big hit this session! Campers have been loving taking their horses and ponies out to explore the course.


The course is full of interesting obstacles and unique jumps; the jumps are all natural so it is a completely different experience from being in a ring. Going XC helps to build confidence because of the freedom and independence experienced from being outside of the arena.


The weather was perfect for the course and we all had such a great time!


Pony Games and Lip Sync!
Saturday, July 6th 2019

The start to our weekend was extra exciting! We kicked the morning off with our first annual Pony Games; campers were split up into different color teams and competed against each other in a series of fun games.


Our campers had so much fun with their ponies and it was a great opportunity for them to show some team spirit!


We finished off our night with a Forrestel tradition… the Lip Sync battle. The tent groups worked together to come up with a dance to a song of their choice to perform.


All of the tents came up with unique and fun skits, and the campers loved watching them and cheering them on. We all had a great time dancing and starting the weekend off right!


Fourth of July at Forrestel
Thursday, July 4th 2019

Happy Fourth of July!

Today at camp, we had a great afternoon celebrating the Fourth of July. As one of their morning activities, some campers helped Mary decorate the eating house before lunchtime.


The campers had a great time getting everything ready and brought some funky clothes to celebrate!


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