Forrestel Summer Camp Jobs

We offer exciting opportunities for camp counselors at our girls camp

Forrestel is always on the lookout for hardworking and enthusiastic camp counselors. Our devotion to excellence extends through our activities into our hiring practices. We seek to fill our camp counselor positions with personable, honest, and committed staff. Our goal is that our jobs at camp will be filled with only the finest staff.

Summer Camp Positions

We primarily hire for the following positions:

  • Riding Counselors
  • Sports Instructors
  • Art Instructor
  • Camp Nurses

For 2018 Assistant to our Riding Director. Please contact us for a complete job description.

Riding Counselor

As a riding counselor, you will be involved with the day-to-day equestrian activities of a group of campers. These campers will depend on you not only to keep them on time for activities, but also as a teacher, role-model, and friend. At the very least, you must have experience leading and interacting with children of various ages, and must possess extensive experience with horses and riding. Preferably you will be a member of the British Horse Society or the U.S. Pony Club, although past experience is the most important requirement.

In addition, because Forrestel is a girls camp, only female applicants are hired for the riding counselor position since they will be interacting with the campers on a continual basis during their entire stay. We prefer applicants to be 19 years of age and up, so that they will be mature individuals who can provide support and a positive example to our campers.

Sports Instructors

Sports instructors serve as full-time assistants to our primary sports staff. Sports instructors provide one-on-one instruction to campers, helping them to more fully develop their skills in a particular sport. You will be required to constantly maintain a positive attitude around campers, and help and encourage them during their stay at summer camp. Sports instructors are hired for the following sports:

  • Archery
  • Fishing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Tennis
  • Rocketry

You must have significant experience and skill in one of the sports above to be able to aid and instruct campers with the level of expertise that Forrestel expects. Because sports instructors interact with campers on a more limited basis than do riding counselors, both male and female applicants will be considered.

Camp Nurses

Forrestel is looking for professional healthcare providers in exchange for free camp tuition at Forrestel Riding and Sports Camp. If you are able to provide your services for a week or two, your child is our guest for camp! This exchange program is available to Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, Registered Nurses, License Practical Nurses, Emergency Medical Technician or other person acceptable to the permit issuing official (to practice in NYS, you must be NYS licensed). Please send all inquiries about the exchange program to or call 585-798-2222.

Art Instructor

As an art instructor, you have the opportunity to create your own curriculum and spark our campers’ artistic side! This part-time position is Monday – Friday 9:30-11:30am and 3:30-5:30pm to allow for preparation and cleanup time. This fun and creative job allows you to use your imagination to develop your own program. Class size is about 10 girls and ages range from 7-17. Previous programs included, sewing, painting, sculpting and friendship bracelets. Applicants must have experience working with children. Please send all inquiries for this position to or call 585-798-2222.

Why Summer Camp Employment?

You can expect to work hard at Forrestel; camp jobs are not an easy task, and as a camp counselor you will bear a large responsibility toward our campers. Campers are here for two weeks at a time and you must be prepared to put in long hours.

However, the reward more than makes up for the hard work. Forrestel’s girls camp is an amazing environment to work in. You will be part of a team of camp counselors whose sole mission is to lead, inspire, and encourage our campers. You will experience camaraderie with your fellow counselors, make lasting friendships, and take pride as you see your campers thrive and grow under your care.

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