Sports & Adventure

Adventure summer camp and summer sports camp!

Campers in our adventure summer camp and summer sports camp programs play all kinds of sports during the day, and in the evenings, they work through a team-building program. They may encounter a ropes course one day and “Capture the Flag” the next. Each day brings a new challenge, and the campers learn cooperation and respect for their team in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Ever played Indian Hoot or Gold Rush? Yeah, we play soccer and softball, but Forrestel camp counselors’ imaginations run on overdrive! Not only do we play team sports, but our team-building Adventure Quest program is a blast!

Starting with basic games, campers progress through a series of exercises designed to forge a strong bond and unify the campers. The session culminates in the overnight Adventure Quest that requires the use of all the lessons campers learned in the prior weeks. The team may find themselves trekking across a battlefield, avoiding enemy patrols and booby-traps, rescuing hostages, or restoring a rightful queen to her throne. Every year brings a different scenario, so return campers will still find a challenge!

The Sports & Adventure Program is an exciting and engaging summer camp opportunity for campers to learn about team dynamics and how their own individual qualities can be used to make a team stronger as a whole.