Horseback Riding

Personalized riding instruction, experienced staff, well-trained horses

Our instructors realize one size does not fit all when it comes to riding instruction. We carefully take age, size, and previous riding experience into consideration as we plan a rider’s lessons.

Riding Instruction

Instruction includes ring work that focuses on various aspects of riding including hunt seat equitation, dressage, and jumping. Classes are intentionally kept small to ensure a lot of individual attention. The rider to instructor ratio is usually 3:1 in regular class time and frequently we allow one-on-one time for less experienced riders. Students arrive at camp with varying abilities and are challenged at their own personal skill levels.

Lessons can include grids, gymnastics, jump courses, work on the lunge line and drill rides.

Campers in our riding programs can enjoy trail riding on our 800 acre farm, pony club games, horse pond, and for our more advanced campers, our mile and a half cross country course. (For Safety reasons, Cross Country is only offered to campers attending more than one week)

All girls will have fun learning the fundamentals of horse care and stable management during their time at Forrestel.

Our staff

Forrestel specifically searches out international instructors who have achieved at least their Pony Club “B” rating. Many of our instructors are also certified by the British Horse Society and have achieved their Assistant Instructor Certification, which requires the completion of 500 hours of teaching under the tutelage of a master trainer. Our instructors have also ridden competitively. Our confidence in them is complete.

Our horses

Whether a rider is in the Horsemanship 1 Program or the Horsemanship 2 Program, she is assigned her own horse while at Forrestel. By working with the same horse, riders earn the trust of their mount and develop their confidence. Campers also have the option of bringing their own horses.

We are extremely proud of our string of lesson horses, which includes mounts of all size, shape and skill level. The majority of our horses are Quarter Horses or Thoroughbreds, and almost all have had show experience at the local level. Many have participated in rated shows, and even more participate in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association and IEA during the winter months. We choose our horses carefully. Safety and suitability is always of utmost concern.

Having happy, well trained horses means our campers are able to have a high quality horseback riding experience.

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