Advanced Riding Clinic

A week of intense horseback riding

The Advanced Riding Clinic is reserved for girls 12-17 years of age seeking an accelerated week of horseback riding.

Participants ride 3 times a day and spend the rest of their time engaged in other equestrian activities. Applicants for the clinic must be:

  1. proficient on the flat,
  2. able to post and canter without stirrups, and
  3. have experience riding different horses.

The three time slots may include a jump lesson, a flat lesson, a ground lesson and a recreational ride such as a visit to the horse pond or a relaxing trail ride through the property. During the week the campers are more involved with the daily care of the horses, such as feeding, grooming and barn chores.

A statement of recommendation from the applicant’s riding instructor is required and may be submitted by email.

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